Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dementia or Sleep Deprivation?

My 9 year old is "helping" me write this and wanted to know if I saw the photos on the package when I picked it up.

Here is proof that I am sleep deprived or just lacking in thinking skills.  I saw this package at the store and picked it up to see how it worked.  I tried bending the cardboard into a funnel shape but I couldn't figure out how or which way I should roll it, bend it, or whatever.

I just saw the two bottles on the front and thought the package was supposed to turn into a funnel between them or something.  I don't know.  It was Friday, it was late(7pm), I was tired!

I turned it over to see if there were any directions on how to use the thing and finally realized that the product was missing and should have been in the empty space of the cardboard, not that the cardboard was the product!

I took the packaging home to see if my children were brighter than I was.  They looked at the photos on the cardboard and instantly said it was a dumb product and where was it.  I think I am dumb!

I asked my husband if I should write about this and he said he wouldn't.  I hope someone else is laughing about this besides me.

In my defense I am still nursing/sleeping next to a wiggly 6 month old from about 2 am on each morning.  Yeah, that is exhausting.  Oh, and I also have not slept well since I was about 6 months pregnant so I have been sleep deprived for about a year.  That's enough to drive someone crazy!

I may be 40 but I'm not going down without a fight!


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