Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2013/2014 Students

Here they are in order from oldest to youngest, my homeschool students.

#1- Nathan 10th/11th grade- He likes computers and techie stuff and rebuilding things like bikes and rc trucks.  We are hoping to get him into some kind of IT internship this year and he will be restarting Civil Air Patrol(CAP) this fall.

Hannah 8th grade- She is looking forward to going to CAP this fall.  She likes to do hands on things like crafts and take care of her baby sister.  Her favorite subject seems to change each week so I can't tell you what it is right now.  She loves bright colors, especially orange.

Elijah 6th grade- He is one of my bookworms and loves History.  He is doing well with his math and determined to finish two Saxon books this year.  He is my hardest worker and you can usually find him working on something in his free time.

Sarah 4th grade- She is my biggest bookworm.  Her favorite subject is Science.  If you need to know something about bugs, animals, or another natural science topic she can probably answer your questions.  She is my left hander and just recently learned how to open a can which was pretty exciting for all of us.  She is learning to crochet.

Isaac 2nd grade- This guy is an awesome speller!  I think I have another bookworm in the making.  He's pretty good at math too.  He likes to spend time with his little bro David and entertaining Abigail. 

David K- This little guy just loves attention and is always trying to get it in some way.  He loves to hang with his big bro Isaac.  He is good at counting, colors and shapes.  Next up, phonics!

Abigail Precrawler to walker- She's just cute and sweet.  She has almost figured out how to crawl so I'm afraid I'm going to have another early walker. 

And that is the line up.  I'm the mom(Briana) and I love to read and write.  I'm going to be working on having a more organized and peaceful home this year.  Happy Homeschooling!

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