Friday, June 21, 2013

Fit Mommy and Getting Rid of Mastitis/Plugged Milk Ducts

I'm finally checking in again.  I'm still working hard at my goals and exercising as I find the free time.  Babies are very demanding!

Here are the goals I made 5 weeks ago and how I did or did not reach them:

*Lose 2.5 pounds  Yes!  I did quit weighing last Friday and won't weigh again for a week or two.
*60 min walk 5 days per week No, it has been difficult to find the time to walk this much and I didn't want to when we had a heat wave one week.  For now I'm using my pedometer and trying to see how many steps I do each day and then increase it as I can.
*Tummy work 5 days per week Most week I do 4 days per week.  I think this is pretty good but will keep working towards 5 days per week.
*Go outside each day Yes, just about every day.
*5 min of relaxing 5 times per week- I will not think about my to do list or problems or anything. No, I haven't been very good at this.

New goals-
*At least 5,000 steps per day
*Tummy work 5 times per week
*Try to do some type of weight training once a week
*Get outside and get a tan!
*Chill, it's summertime!

For the last month or so I've had four bouts of mastitis/clogged milk duct.  The first bout was enough to send me to bed for a day but the last three have been easier to deal with.  I'm going to spend two weeks on immune boosting supplements to help me fight this thing off once and for all.  Here's the protocol I came up with after researching natural remedies on the web.

-Echinacea tincture, 3X a day for two weeks
-25 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract a day for two weeks
-Use Tea Tree Oil topically at least once a day for two weeks.  I will use it three times a day if I start having pain again.
-Vit. C
-At least one clove raw garlic per day.
-Cabbage leaves topically if I have pain
-Use a heat pad when I have pain to help fight the infection faster.

One of the interesting things I came across in my reading was that mastitis could be caused by bacteria entering the breast through damaged tissue.  I have only had this problem once before and it only happened one time so I'm a little frustrated that I'm fighting this for the fourth time.  I do think I didn't treat the first occurrence well enough and so the last three have all come from it not being cleared out of my system properly the first time.  It seems to start up after baby has slept longer than usual at night.  So a baby that sleeps well is a good and bad thing for me.  Blah!  I hope I get it under control this time!  


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