Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I think I need to get back to taking photos of the children that don't always include the new baby.

I'm trying to use my blog more as a journal of things I want to remember.  So, today I will share a story of what happened here on Monday.

This is David- Plungerman wannabe.

Isaac(7) and David(4) have been in a superhero phase for awhile.  Monday morning they were running(yes, running) around inside and ended up in the entry where my husband had left the plunger after realizing baby was sleeping in our room thus making it difficult for him to put it back in the master bathroom.  Anyway, David was inspired to create a new superhero when he saw the plunger.  He wielded it at his older brother Elijah and shouted out "Plungerman".  Then he attempted to take out Elijah with the plunger.  Luckily I was eating breakfast in the dining room which is next to the foyer.  His sisters and I talked him into putting the plunger back and becoming a different hero.  That was a close one!

Boys are strange!


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