Friday, March 8, 2013

21 Days To Go!

The excitement is growing with each passing day!

Well, if I'm not late which I usually am.  This week I've felt more energetic and had a few days where I got a normal amount of work accomplished.

My apt on Monday went well.  Since I was being tested for GBS I let my midwife check my progress.  I was dilated to 1, 50% effaced and she said the baby was low already.  Next week I'll ask her for specifics on baby's position.  Here is what I'm doing to try to get baby out on time.  I'm taking Evening Primrose oil to help ripen the cervix, taking an extra red raspberry capsule, and eating dates.  I also sit on my exercise ball each day, do pelvic tilts, and sit on the floor to keep my hips lined up and so baby will be in a good position for birth.  It seems to be working.  Oh, and I'm also working back up to walking an hour a day now that my muscle cramps are under control with the help of Floradix Floravital Iron/vitamin b supplement.

My husband's coworkers threw us a baby shower.  He works with awesome and supportive peeps.

I gained 5 pounds between my 34 and 36 week appointments!  That was a bummer, putting me at 35 pounds total so far.  I feel like I've lost a little bit as I've been eating less and cut the carbs down.  My fasting glucose also went down and I seem to be holding less water than I was over last weekend.  I feel like baby had a growth spurt last month but now I'm back to normal eating again.  I also think the iron supplement has helped my body be more nourished thus requiring less food.

I was going to get philosophical about being patient and waiting for the end of this pregnancy but I'm not feeling it right now.  Honestly, I feel a little hormonal today and on the edge of another flip out.  The last one was over my son eating *my* cheese!  I'm trying to hold it together and pray a lot!  This weekend I am going to get a haircut, buy what I need for postpartum including some cute and comfy clothes and pack my hospital bags.  I know that will help me feel better.

Last night I had each of the girls choose a baby nightie/blanket/hat set for the hospital.  My oldest son's(the one in Arkansas) girlfriend is staying with us(she's very brave!) so she got to pick one out too.  Here's what we came up with.

Our choices from left to right- Son's girlfriend Jolene, Sarah, Hannah, and me.

Oh, and I don't know if I mentioned it but I was having some strange visual symptoms which are most likely ocular migraines.  It's like having an aura before a migraine but I don't usually develop a headache.  They were happening twice a week but then I had two back to back so I did a little research to see if my diet was causing them and found out the likely culprits were cheese and chocolate which I cut out the next day.  I haven't had another one since Monday and the other headaches I was getting have stopped.  If I don't have to go through another one giving up cheese and chocolate was worth it!  I will probably have one piece of chocolate a week as a treat which is what I was doing before I thought I needed some each day.

I hope you are healthy and happy!

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