Monday, February 25, 2013

Master Bedroom Reveal

We still have a few things left before our room is finished but it is close enough to share now.  We are looking for area rugs before we pull up the mauve carpet so just imagine a neutral floor.

I can also use the quilt on the rack on our bed for different looks. 

Here is a close up of the drapery fabric.  We found these on clearance at Target for $15.00 each.  We had to visit all three Targets in our area to find two panels but it was worth it.  I had planned to buy sage curtains to match our accent wall but we couldn't find any.  I was so nervous that the purple would be too much and that we had gone to three different Targets only to take them back.  When my husband hung them up I liked them even more than I would have liked green drapes.

My husband built this dresser for me last spring.  He was trying out a rustic look that he can use for a kitchen cabinet.  I love how it turned out.

Here is the side view.  He still has to finish the top.  We tried out two different styles and I wanted to make sure I liked the top before he put in the time to finish it.

He made it butcher block style.  That was a lot of work!  But I think it compliments the dresser perfectly.

And here is what I arranged on top.  I'm sure it will have a new look every few months.

I made fabric flowers for the baby's area so I had to make a few for myself.

I filled my antique cabinet with love letters that hubby and I wrote to each other when he was a Marine serving his country in Somalia back in '93.  Those were the days before cell phones, email, and other ways of instant communication.  We waited weeks and even months between letters at times.

Our headboard is a door.  I had looked at frugal ideas online and was wishing we had an appropriate door when I remembered that we had this slightly used front door out in my husband's work area.  It was perfect!

We found the purple quilt at Target on clearance for $40.00.  I was looking for something I could use with my other quilts since I have never had them on our bed and the combo of light and dark lilac work perfectly with the quilts my mom and grandmother made for me.  I love being able to change things around to have 4 different looks on the bed.  I still need to find more pillowcases in purple and maybe a few shams.

And here is baby Abigail's corner.  I am planning to cover some wood letters in fabric to hang on the wall instead of the paper mock up.  We still need a mattress and bedding.

I couldn't resist crocheting a heart garland from the leftover baby blanket yarn.  I'll have to move it in a few months when baby can pull on it.

I wanted a garland above her bed but didn't want to sew.  I started playing around with some lace I had and this is what I ended up with.

On the wall is the baby quilt I made for her that I wasn't sure I even liked.  It doesn't really go with our room but it helps to set baby's area apart. 

I did have to sew the fabric flowers because I couldn't find my glue gun.

We still need to paint the ceiling.

And that is our room.  I didn't show you the last wall because we need to buy new closet doors and finish the trim.  It's painted in the sage color and I am leaving it undecorated since the bedroom door and double closet doors are on that wall.  There is enough contrast between the cream trim and the sage color already and not much empty wall space anyway.

Thanks for letting me share my room with you.  I can't wait 'till baby is here and I will have lots of time to enjoy it.

Oh, and here's a before photo.


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