Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baby #9 Report- Eating Gluten Free in the Hospital, Muscle Cramps, and Fasting Blood Glucose

I need to take some photos so I have something new to show you.

Another week down.  Now I can say I'm due next month!  I have 48 days until my due date.  Time seems to be speeding up now.  We are busy each week with school and our usual routines so that makes the days tick by quickly.

On Monday I got to visit my midwife.  I measured 34 weeks at 32 weeks 3 days.  I've gained 29 pounds.  She ordered a retest of my iron and is also checking my A1C.  I haven't gotten a call so I guess everything was fine.

Our bedroom remodel.  My husband is painting today.  I'm trying to figure out bedding, curtains and furniture placement.

I still can't get my fasting glucose down.  It ranges from 89-95.  I'm going to try different bedtime snacks this week and different dinner and late snack times to see if that will help.  I wake up at about 2-3 am starving.  I'm getting up about 4 times a night so I'm sure that causes my levels to be higher.  If my A1C is normal I will stop worrying about it so much.  I'm slowly lowering my carbs to see if that will help.  My post meal numbers are perfect so I know I'm not running high much of the time which will keep me and baby healthy.  I'm down to 15 starchy carbs(molasses, squash, sweet potato) per meal.  I also eat a banana with my morning and afternoon snack and will slowly cut that down and switch to berries or some lower starch option this week. 

I sit on an exercise ball at the computer.  The children like using it when they do computer work too.

I think I figured out my muscle cramps.  Well, I got them to calm down a bit anyway.  I upped my calcium to three doses of 500mg during the day instead of just two.  I also cut my magnesium down a bit since I'm eating 1/2 cup of almonds a day.  When I entered my diet into fit day my magnesium was really high while my calcium was just below normal.  I hope finding the right balance of cal/mag will help me get the cramps under control.  I'm also drinking a ton of water to avoid dehydration.

I still plan on finishing the baby boy quilt even though I don't need it since I'm having a girl!  It will be nice to have for a baby gift.

My husband works for the health care company that provides our medical care so he knows a lot of the people in management.  Anyway, he ran into the lady who is in charge of dietary at the hospital and asked her about how we can make the hospital food compatible with my diet.  She told him to have me write up a menu and they would follow it for me.  How cool is that?  I can also just bring meals with me for them to store in their freezer and serve at mealtimes.  They also set aside part of the kitchen for allergy diets so there isn't any cross contamination.  I was surprised at how easy the solution to the diet problem was.  I thought I would have to make due with items from their menu and bring a lot of my own food but they will actually buy items they don't have on hand if I need them. 

Exercise Report- I'm still walking at least an hour per day.  I did some mini intervals twice and walked around with light weights twice.  Oh, and yoga 4 times this week.

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