Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When Life Gives You Challenges Rearrange!

My schoolroom before

We came to the conclusion that the girls needed to give their room to their older brother so our 18 year old could have his own room.  There were other reasons involved but that is one of the main ones.  Our 18 year old works nights so it is just more convenient for everyone.  We have three bedrooms upstairs and the master is downstairs.  I moved the girls into the schoolroom for now. 

Here is the moving mess in progress.

I'm always amazed at how much of a mess rearranging a room or two can make in the rest of the house.  Good thing we did this during Christmas break!

And here is how the schoolroom looked after we got everything cleaned up.

And after

This move will also help me keep an eye on the girls and teach them to be neat and tidy.  They are my messiest children.


Update: After thinking over how we should remodel our home we decided to keep the girls in this room permanently along with keeping the master downstairs(we were going to use it as a guest room) so I had to move out of the schoolroom.  You can imagine all of the furniture moving this caused!  I will show the results when we are finished.  We ended up reworking part of the dining room, living room and formal dining room all from moving a few pieces of furniture out of the schoolroom.


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