Friday, January 11, 2013

Pregnancy #9- 29 Weeks

11 weeks left.  I'm almost out of the double digits.  I don't have much to report this week.  I'm still getting over the flu.  It seems like I've been sick forever although it is only 8 days.  I'm starting to get my energy back but still need to take a long rest every afternoon.  I think I'll be back to normal next week!

I'm sleeping better now that I added more potassium and sodium to my diet.  My muscle cramps have calmed down a lot and now when I stretch my legs out slowly in bed they don't try to cramp up.  Ah, so much better!

I'm still working on getting my blood glucose down.  I tried a 10 carb snack last night before bed and I was down to 90.  I will keep experimenting with a bedtime snack.  I think I was going too long overnight without food.  I've been walking for an hour every day and using lots of cinnamon on squash and bananas to help process the carbs.  I think I'm fine.  I opened a new canister of test strips and they tested 12 points higher than the old canister!  Just what I needed.  I'm trying to slowly lower my carbs now that I got the cramps under control.  I'm eating about 130 carbs per day.  I was eating less than 100 before Christmas but now I have a hard time getting below 130 without the cramps and muscle fatigue starting again.  I'm hoping once I recover from the flu I'll be able to make better progress.

So that was my boring weekly check in.  I hope you are all feeling well and working towards your fitness goals!

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