Monday, January 21, 2013

Nesting? Before and After I Gave Up My Schoolroom

Hannah and Sarah's room/schoolroom before we decided that the girls would stay in this room since we weren't going to move the master bedroom upstairs.  This started some rearranging in the living room and dining room.

After: We moved the school stuff out and my sewing cabinet in.  Sarah uses the table for her school desk.

My sewing area is on the right and Hannah's school desk is on the left.

I'm going to help the girls make some mini quilts to hang on the walls for decor.

The dining room wall before

And after: I like the bookshelves in here since they take up more of the long wall. And since I wanted the bookshelves to look more decorative I had to redo all of the entry bookshelves. I got rid of four boxes of books!

The living room before

I took the rug out and will most likely use it in our bedroom.

During- My husband had to rework all of the tv, dvd and game electronics since we moved the dresser that was in the dining room into the living room to be used as a tv console.

I love how the children are just hanging out while my husband and I were working.

He also took the wood stove out.  We were never able to get it working without it filling the room with smoke.  It's now in the garden to be used as a fire pit.

Messy, messy

After:  I like the dresser as entertainment center much better.  It cleans up a lot of the clutter.

Nathan's desk got a much needed clean up.

There are sliding doors behind the curtains.  We blocked them off with insulation and plywood a few years ago to help this room stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

I moved all of my record binders and teacher's manuals into the dvd storage cabinet after I decluttered the movies.

My husband is going to be taking the sliding doors out in the next month.  Our bedroom is on the other side of this wall.  I can't wait 'till our room is quieter and darker!

Next up is a slight remodel of our bedroom and then we will finish up this wall in the living room.  There was a sliding door from the girl's bedroom into the living room before.  We hope to someday put new flooring in the whole downstairs.  Our living room will also get a set of french doors and windows instead of the four sliding doors that lead outside right now.

I still deny that this was caused by my nesting instinct!

School is working well with our new arrangements.  The children can be separated from each other instead of causing distractions and I can do some work in the main part of the house without leaving them to their shenanigans in the school room.  I think this will work better for us once we have our new baby anyway since I will be spending a lot of time in the living room and my bedroom.


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