Monday, December 10, 2012

The Baby Quilts

I finally finished the boy and girl quilt tops.  I still have to buy batting and put them together but the hardest part is finished.

One for a boy.

And one for a girl.

You can visit this post for more info on how I put these quilts together.

Have you finished any projects lately? 

I might be finishing the knit blanket this week.  It is purple for a girl and if our next ultrasound confirms that we are having a girl I won't start another blanket.  I can't believe how long it has taken!  Knitting is much slower for me than crocheting!

My next project is to help my girls sew throw quilts for the living room.  I already cut the squares so now I just have to teach them how to put them together.  I'm not sure if I'll start any other sewing projects after that.  I'm trying to keep my to do list to a minimum and just enjoy life with my family before we add our new baby next March/April.  

Well, if anything gets finished this week I'll share it next week!  I hope you are enjoying a Merry Christmas season.


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