Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Have Only Lived in Five States

My husband and I were married next to the fountain in the Old Town Orange plaza(we always called it the circle).

So I'm being lame this week.  I had planned to write a birth story but I flaked out.  So instead I will give you a quick list of the places I have lived since I married my husband.  I'll also list where my children were born. 

California- That's where I'm from(Orange) and where we were married.  We lived in Temecula, Fallbrook, and Oceanside along with two other locations I can't remember now.  We actually lived on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base but our address was listed as Fallbrook in our apartment and Oceanside in our duplex.  Oh, and that was all within the first three years.  My first two children were born in Cali.

Colorado- We lived in Lakewood in two different locations.  My next two children were born there.

Alabama- My husband had a job that took us out of our comfort zone for a year.

Arizona- Our fifth child was born at home in Goodyear.

New Mexico- We have lived in Roswell(!), Ruidoso, Alto and two different houses in Albuquerque.  This was meant to be a temporary place to live but we have been stuck here since.  I guess the more we want to leave the more we are stuck here!  I have tried wanting to live here but it still doesn't get me out of this state!  Three of my children have been born here,  two in the mountains and one if ABQ.  I suppose my next child will be born here also unless something else comes up.

I grew up in two different houses one block apart and now my adult life has been lived in many different homes.  I don't know if I'll ever have the desire to stay in one place long term again.  I don't know where I would choose to live if I could live anywhere I wanted.  I do like living on the coast but I also loved Colorado and we actually wanted to stay there but opportunity moved us.


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