Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Bunch of Photos of My Flower and Veggie Gardens

Here are our side gardens.  The veggie garden is behind the flower border.  We need to reseed the lawn again.  I want to plant a few dwarf fruit trees in the flower bed next to the lawn.  We need something in the far corner to block the chicken yard!
The crepe myrtle got frosted this spring and is finally almost ready to flower.  I think we can plant a tree on the right side of the fake well.  The sun comes from behind this bed so the tree shouldn’t shade out my rose too much. 
I have pansies, sweet peas, and mint in the fake well.  I wasn’t sure if the mint was going to come back this year so I planted the flowers just in case. 
I love the scent of sweat peas!
See all of the weeds?  I have been weeding the veggie garden and neglecting the flower gardens.  The white flowers are cilantro that is going to seed.
Here is the corn bed in the future(maybe) grass area.  I planted green beans in between the corn and some pumpkins and other squash in the irrigation furrows.  Now that the plants are up I will flood this area instead of using the sprinkler.  If we make this area grass we will plant a medium sized tree here with some dwarf fruits in the flower beds around it.  It should help shade the house to cool it in the summer.
Behind the house is where I have the tomatoes and flowers I planted from seed along with my sunflower volunteers.  Not many of the flowers came up but I do have some way back there although they don’t have any blooms yet.
The tomatoes are growing well even though they get morning sun.  The mulch keeps the weeds under control and the soil moist.  I am experimenting with old hay as mulch in other areas of the garden also.
And here’s the veggie garden.  The green beans should be making their way up the garden twine soon.  I will have a wall of green beans separating the veggie garden from the flower garden.
I’m going to have to plant the onions somewhere else next year.  I had them along the paths last year.
I love having the herb garden in the center of the veggie garden.  It’s a nice focal point and makes me want to walk through the garden each day. 
A full bed.  I will have to plant something else in the lettuce corners soon.  Maybe some more cucumbers to make into pickles?
The peas on the right will have to come out soon.  I planted squash next to them already.
We removed the gravel from this area about a month or two ago.  I added some cow manure and after about two weeks planted pumpkins, watermelon and squash.  The sunflowers came up on their own.  After the plants had their first true leaves I mulched around them with hay.  I have already found some worms in this area so it looks like my plan to build this soil up is working!
This is the view from the other end of the garden.  I’ll have to take some pics of the new area my boys are uncovering for me.  I hope to have the gravel removed and the area mulched with hay by fall so I can plant next year.
I planted morning glories last year and now they are coming up all over like weeds.  I pull the ones I don’t want but leave a few to add color to the veggie garden and climb up the sunflowers.
And here are the potatoes.  I can’t wait to see how many have grown in there.  I only have to water once a week or less and have not seen these plants wilted yet.  We should have some good soil to add to our new beds which will be on the other side of the path.
Thanks for visiting!
How is your garden doing this summer?


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