Sunday, February 20, 2011

Modesty for Little Girls and Young Ladies

I'm going to share a few things I have learned about keeping my little girls covered when they wear dresses or skirts. A little girl is going to sit and play like a little girl not a young lady so you need to make sure her modesty will be intact whether she climbs a tree, sits in a grocery cart cross legged, or rolls around on the floor to play. My girls have to wear bike shorts or bloomers under their dresses or skirts which makes my job as their modesty adviser easier. I will still remind them to pull their dress into place as they sit down but it is not worrisome if I don't notice right away.

Jumpers are usually made in longer lengths.

My oldest daughter is long and thin so I have to make sure I buy shorts that are longer and have thinner legs. For the last two years Bermuda shorts have been back in style so buying summer clothes has been easier than usual. If I can't find longer shorts I will just make lots of cute skirts and dresses instead.  I don't usually let them wear tank tops but if I do they have to have wide straps and I make sure they won't gape open at the neck or arm or slip out of place.  For swimming I buy a regular one piece and have them wear board shorts over the suit.  I have found this to be the easiest and most budget friendly solution.  As they get older they can probably switch to wearing a swim skirt over the suit.

I like to buy bike shorts when they are on sale at the end of summer to use as bloomers under dresses. I also make bloomers for them in matching fabric when I sew a dress or skirt. I have found a pattern printed by McCall's that I like. It has long bloomers which I shorten to be a few inches above the knee. They are cute and feminine. 

I added a little length to these skirts when I cut them out.  Check the final measurements listed on the pattern envelope and measure your daughter to see where the hem will end up so you can lengthen as needed.

Sometimes it is hard to find dresses long enough for my oldest daughter. If I buy them a size or two larger then they will be long enough for her. I do have to assess the style of dress if I'm buying a larger size so that the sleeveless top doesn't gape open or the neck doesn't hang too low. Sometimes she can wear a t-shirt underneath or I can add a ruffle to the hem to make them work.  The more fitted styles in a larger size work well for her since she is so thin but I'm not sure if my younger daughter will be able to wear them later because she is of an average size.

My husband requested when my oldest daughter was a toddler that I keep her skirt length just below the knee or longer. I think that is a nice length for girls because it is easier to stay covered while they are climbing onto a chair or running around. I think it is important to teach girls to sit and act in a ladylike manner but they also need to be able to play without worrying about adjusting their clothes constantly.  My daughters actually like wearing long skirts and dresses.  They think they are "fancy".

As I'm training my girls to grow into young ladies I try to keep a light, fun attitude about fashion.  I let my daughters help choose fabrics when I sew for them and keep their color and style preferences in mind when shopping for clothes.  I show them how to make something work by altering it or wearing something under it so they don't feel they are surrounded by rules but are more focused on creative solutions to fashion.  As they grow older I want them to have clothes that they enjoy wearing but to think of others when they choose what to wear each day.

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