Friday, January 21, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday

I exercised every day and stuck with my usual eating.  I made a little progress on my pull ups, my arm is bent a tiny bit when I pull up now and I can pull my knees up to hip height as I'm struggling to move up.  It's good for the abs, back, and arms!  I can do two regular push-ups and ten girl push-ups.  I'm getting stronger and it feels great!

Friday- BWO+, walk 60 mins, strength(push-up, triceps dips, try to do a pull-up)
Saturday- walk 60 mins
Sunday- BWO+
Monday- walk 45 mins, strength
Tuesday- walk 60 mins, BWO+
Wednesday- walk 30 mins, strength
Thursday- BWO+, walk15 min

I lost 1.25 inches this week but gained 7/10 of a pound.  I hope that was muscle weight!  I.m wearing a blouse I haven't worn in awhile and it is BIG!  I need to buy some smaller unmentionables, yeah!  I have to lose in my abs and hips soon.  I shrink in my arms, legs, and chest before I lose much in my abs and hips.  I think it's time for my lower body to catch up.

Bust -.5
Ribs -.25
Right low thigh -.25
Left low thigh -.25

I was reflecting on the Fit Mommy Challenge last month and I appreciate the habit it has made for me in posting each week and being more accountable to myself.  There is another one coming up soon, you should join us!


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