Friday, January 14, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday

What does that picture have to do with Fit Mommy Friday?  My oldest son took the old closet clothes bar and put it up in the rafters for me.  I go in there every other day and attempt to do a chin up.  I can now hang on the bar for almost 10 seconds while I try to move my body upwards.  I don't go anywhere but it does work my arms, back and abs just attempting a pull up.  One pull up sometime in the future is one of my new goals.  I know I can do it someday! 

Now on to the results for this week.

Friday- rest
Saturday- walk 60 min, pull-up training
Sunday- rest
Monday- BWO+, walk 30min, pull-up training
Tuesday- walk 75min
Wednesday- BWO+ walk 30min, pull-up training
Thursday-walk 30min

Pecs +.5
Waist -.5
Abs -.5

I didn't lose any weight and I didn't gain any.  

I'm finally feeling much better and almost completely over the cold I've had since before Christmas.  I've started doing more exercise as my energy has returned.  Since I'm not spending as much time on the internet I've spent more time keeping my house cleaned up which adds more exercise to my day.  Wednesday, I did some lunges and calf raises as I read aloud to the children.  That got a few looks and a laugh.  I just needed to move!

Would you like to join Fit Mommy Friday?  Just click on the picture below to visit Got Chai and sign up.


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